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Nuvoton Israel

We are a Success Story

Based in Herzliya, Nuvoton Israel’s story dates back to the
grassroots of the Israeli tech industry of the late 1970’s.

Before becoming an instrumental part of the Nuvoton Technology Corporation and becoming a valuable  part of one of the world’s leading Microcontroller companies, Nuvoton Technology Israel Ltd. had a rich and impressive history.

We started out as the Research and Development center of American semiconductor manufacturer, National Semiconductor. From that day onward, we have consistently proven that our know-how has made us imperative for the success of our hi-tech clients. This is mainly due to the fact that Nuvoton Israel is, and has always been, at the technological forefront of its areas of expertise

We’re Technology Trend-Setters

Brilliant inventions and innovations in Israel have helped produce some of the most important products worldwide. Countries such as Taiwan, the US, as well as  China and India, have used these creations to produce the best possible products required by modern-day computer solutions, ranging from smaller home and office systems, through heavy-duty servers to Cloud Computing.

Our sophisticated security solutions, both in hardware as well as software, play a major role worldwide and are an essential part of many organizational computing systems.

Today, Nuvoton Israel’s operations focus on strong strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading companies, including Dell, HP, and Google among others, with whom we are developing the features of tomorrow’s personal and professional computer systems.

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It’s All About Understanding What’s Important

At Nuvoton Israel we believe that an open-minded, positive environment is at the heart of every successful endeavor. By encouraging all company employees to freely contribute and express themselves, we’ve been able to live up to our own standards of innovation and creativity.

Since every idea counts, we’ve also made it our goal to create a workplace in which everyone is comfortable to experiment and explore the unknown while engaging with a wide range of projects and activities that vary in nature. That’s why it is not uncommon for engineers to move between directly and indirectly related projects within the company.

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